Useful ideas

30 practical tips on simplifying life that will be useful to everyone


Life is a series of successive situations that we are forced to carry out day after day. Virtually every class, home or not, can be simplified, just a few people who think about it, but those for whom these classes have become everyday torment have been able to make their lives easier.

We present to your attention a collection of simple and ingenious tips and ideas that can simplify your life.

Separating the yolk from the protein is easier than ever: break the egg into a plate. Then take an empty plastic bottle, squeeze a little to get some air out, bring it to the yolk, and it will easily be drawn into the bottle.

If you plan to bake cookies and find that you do not have eggs, keep in mind that they can be successfully replaced by bananas (half a banana per egg)

Did you know that if the new shoes turned out to be slightly small, you just need to wear them on three pairs of socks. After that, they should be evenly heated under a stream of a hairdryer for 10 minutes

Dent on a ping-pong ball is easy to fix by holding it slightly above a burning lighter (just not too close). The gas inside the ball will expand under the action of heat, and it will become as good as new.

To avoid hurting while running, exhale every time your left foot touches the ground.

If you set the mode "in the plane" in your mobile device, then annoying ads will not distract during the game

To make the music in your phone sound louder, put it in a bowl

If you have burned your tongue, sugar will help ease the pain.

To get rid of a bruise, attach a cotton swab moistened with vinegar to it.

When drowsy, hold your breath for as long as you can, then slowly exhale. This trick will help increase your heart rate.

If you need to remember something in the morning, send a message before bedtime, but do not open it.

If the phone is dead and you need to charge it as soon as possible, connect it to the network, first switching to "in the airplane" mode

Did the mosquito bite? Heat a spoon and attach to the bite. Reaction stops and itching subsides

If you feel that you are about to sneeze, press your tongue to your palate and everything will pass

If you see a car rushing at you, and you understand that you will not have time to run away and a collision is inevitable - jump up! So you will be much more likely to escape

Throbbing headache can be alleviated by rubbing the forehead with half a lime.

To remove the unpleasant smell from sports shoes, pour a little soda in them and leave for a day.

Swipe the zipped teeth with a simple pencil - in this case, graphite will work as a lubricant.

Instead of cutting the stalk with a knife, hit it to press it inwards. After that you can remove it easily.

To get the ketchup out of the bottle faster, put a straw in it and then pull it out.

If you have to explain to a person how to reach you, add a photo of your house to the explanations. So it will be much easier for the guest to navigate.

You can remove small scratches from glass products by wiping them with a toothpaste cloth

Remove chewing gum stuck to your hair by smearing it with petroleum jelly or peanut butter.

To clean the candlesticks from wax sticking to them, put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. After that, the wax will go off without any problems.

If you need to measure the required amount of honey with a measuring spoon or glass, pre-lubricate the tool with vegetable oil so that honey does not remain on it

If one glass is stuck in another - not a problem. Pour cold water into the upper one and then lower the lower one for a minute or two in hot water.

Sticky price tags will easily go away if you hold them under a stream of hot air from a hairdryer

It's pretty hard to pour rice from a bag without losses.

To cope with this task, it was easier to cut the neck off the plastic bottle, push the edges of the bag into it and bend them out. It will turn out a "tunnel" through which rice will sprinkle exclusively in the direction you need. If part of the rice remains in the bag, you can fasten the cap from the same bottle to the neck for easy storage.

Remove white spots of salt from leather shoes with a solution of one tablespoon of vinegar and a glass of water.

To keep white wine cold, freeze grapes and use them instead of ice cubes.

CD spindle can be used as a container for sandwiches.

To prevent the bathroom mirror from misting, wipe it with shaving cream, then remove the cream with a soft cloth.