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How to free up a lot of space in the closet: 11 useful tips


Soon the time of seasonal renewal will come when chiffon blouses and shorts will replace the cozy sweaters and tight jeans. In this regard, we recommend to carry out a general cleaning, which will not only perform its main function - it will clean up the house, but also make the cupboard more spacious.

The most pleasant thing is that there is no need to spend money on it - the most common household items will help to save space in your wardrobe. What exactly - learn in the article.

One color

The rule "Everything has its place" is the best suited to the issue of storing clothes. All you need to do is to sort things by color and style. This kind of zoning will help bring order, as well as significantly save the time that girls spend in the morning on the choice of attire.

Sorting by color will help you better navigate the clothes.

Along the wall

A large number of bags, belts, shawls and other accessories makes it difficult to maintain order in the wardrobe, as they take up a lot of space. In solving this problem will help the back wall of the cabinet or the surface of the door. It is quite possible to place hooks on them for comfortable placement of accessories. Also note whether there is free space under the clothes hangers. Usually there you can find a pair of valuable cm, for example, for shoes.

Shoes can be simply put on the shelf under clothes, or put it in boxes.

Strictly vertical

You need to fold and store things wisely so that they are always in order, took up little space, and you could find your favorite T-shirt or dress at any time. For example, non-sweatable clothing that can "do" without a hanger, roll up into tubes and put in boxes. Only not horizontally, but vertically. This approach will help release the necessary centimeters. By the way, this method will also be useful for collecting suitcases.

The clothes twisted in tubules will take much less place.

Multilevel hangers

The largest volume of the closet is clothes on hangers. If you have a lot of blouses, shirts, dresses and other clothes that need to be placed on the hangers, listen to the advice: hang a few more on one hanger. Special multi-level models can either be bought in a specialty store, or made independently using clips, chains, and other improvised tools.

On multi-level hangers, you can hang shirts, jackets, dresses.


The classical screen not only serves as an excellent decorative element and a method of zoning space. It also helps to hide things that have nowhere to remove, from the views of outsiders. For example, cardboard boxes with winter shoes, ironing board.

The screen will perform not only practical, but also a decorative function, decorate the interior.

Transforming suitcase

If you are not going to go on vacation or a business trip in the near future, find an alternative use for the suitcase: fold the sweaters, warm pants and other clothes that you do not need until autumn, and hide it under a bed or a sofa. Thus, you will get rid of unnecessary things + the suitcase will not be in vain to stand empty.

Suitcase is an excellent option for storing unnecessary things.

Trifle - separately

Socks, underwear and other "little things" should be stored separately from clothing. Select for them several drawers in the closet or use organizers (tissue boxes). So the "little thing" does not take up much space, will always be in order, and you do not have to search for a second sock for half an hour. For convenience, you can also distribute underwear in color, season, or another critically important criterion for you. As for belts, ties and scarves, they should be placed on the door.

In the box you can make special dividers for different types of linen, socks, tights.

3 in 1

Bed linen should also be stored wisely. For example, you can fold a sheet and a duvet cover from one set into a pillowcase. This cunning move will free up valuable shelf space and it will be easier for you to find the right bedding.

Folded bedding can be placed both in the closet and in the boxes.

Fresh impression

In order to always have a pleasant aroma in the closet, use essential oil: put a few drops on a hanger or shelf. If you are negative about such smells, replace the oil with ordinary baking soda. Just put some food in a cloth bag and put it in the cupboard.

Essential oil must be selected, based on your taste.

Divide and rule

If there are wide shelves in your closet, most likely, things are always lumped together, creating a mess. Fortunately, designers have found a solution to this problem - shelf dividers. They can be purchased at the store or do it yourself, with your own hands. With their help, you can avoid confusion in clothes. In addition, there will be a little more space on the shelf, because the smoother the stacks with clothes or towels, the less space in the closet they occupy. As they say, a trifle, but nice.

Separators will help to form neat piles of clothing, scarves, towels.

Save on air

To store seasonal items you can buy special vacuum bags. They will be a real salvation for those people who appreciate every inch of free space in the closet. The principle of operation of such packages is simple - you just need to use the vacuum cleaner to deflate the air through the hole in the package. The result will stun you! Even a voluminous winter down jacket will occupy a minimum of space!

Vacuum pacts are inexpensive and easy to use.