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8 products that in no case need to be heated in a microwave


There are more and more businesses in the big city, and less time for cooking.

And even if you manage to carve out an hour to conjure at the stove, the food is prepared for future use, a couple of days ahead. That's just warming up in the microwave is not all products benefit.

And the “heroes” of this review should be kept away from the oven!

Some products microwave is contraindicated.

Microwave is a brilliant invention. And how did we live before without quickly warming up dinner or lunch at work? And hot sandwiches ... But not all products, heating in the microwave will benefit. In order not to impair the quality of the dish and not cause potential harm to health, try not to warm it up ...

1-3. Celery, spinach and beets

You can not warm in the microwave: celery, spinach, beets.

High temperatures can make nitrates, which are often found in these vegetables, toxic to humans. And, according to some researchers, even potentially carcinogenic. So it is better to remove these dangerous guys from the dish before heating.

4. Mushrooms

You can not warm in the microwave: mushrooms.

Everything is not so dramatic and much simpler: ideally, the mushrooms should be eaten immediately after cooking. Because the beneficial proteins in their composition begin to break down at the very moment you make the first incision. And in the end can provide a heaviness in the stomach and bloating. And reheating only worsens the situation.

5. Eggs

You can not warm up in the microwave: eggs

Heating this protein bomb can release toxins that are potentially harmful to the digestive system. And, as in the case of mushrooms, the heaviness in the stomach is provided. That is why in most good cafes, employees will refuse to heat up an omelet or an appetizing pie that you ordered.

6. Potatoes

You can not warm up in the microwave: potatoes.

Everything is difficult with potatoes. It turns out that leaving freshly cooked potatoes "cool" on a table at room temperature is not the best idea. Such conditions can provoke the growth of botulism bacteria, which are not so easy to destroy, especially in a microwave oven. That is why it is better to put the potatoes in the refrigerator right away. And reheat on the stove or in the oven.

7. Figs

It is impossible to warm up in the microwave: rice.

Do you think it's not easy with potatoes? Then rice in general will surprise you. According to the British Food Standards Agency, raw rice may contain bacteria that cause food poisoning. And since the spores of bacteria can even survive the heat treatment, if you leave the rice to cool at room temperature, the growth of bacteria will only multiply. Heating them will not destroy them. So rice - either there is immediately, or immediately in the fridge. And do not warm up. Or maybe even refuse?

8. Chicken meat

You can not warm up in the microwave: chicken.

Its protein structure is modified if the cooled chicken is reheated. What can lead to indigestion? If you already warm, then so that the meat was evenly hot, both inside and outside. Microwave does not always allow to achieve this effect. So it's better in the old fashioned way, on a griddle.